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ART TODAY 09.26.17: “Fresh from the Easel” art by Erin Hanson, from Mendocino and Napa Valley to East Coast Travels

Erin Hanson: Fresh from the Easel
I recently returned from an exploratory trip to Mendocino and Napa Valley. I spent a week photographing early morning light and long afternoon shadows. I have created a few new paintings already that I am eager to share. Napa Oaks, below, is a large painting, 72 inches wide. I wanted this painting to capture the beautifully vivid purple shadows I saw against the summer-golden rolling hills.

Erin Hanson, Napa Oaks
Erin Hanson, Napa Oaks

Mendocino Coast, was inspired by a sunset hike along one of the many stunning cliffsides. I was amazed by all the new wildflower species I had never seen before in central or southern California.

Erin Hanson, Mendocino Coast
Erin Hanson, Mendocino Coast

Next: East Coast Travels
In two weeks I will be flying to the East Coast to experience the magestic fall colors over there for the first time. All predictions agree that New England will be having the most spectalular fall colors seen in at least a decade! If you have any recomendations on beautiful landscapes to visit while I am on the East Coast, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Also, if you would like to be notified of new East Coast paintings as I create them, please let me know.

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