ART TODAY 10.11.17 The Pink pop-up Show represents harmony in the art world – “My Gun is Pink” by co-curator and view sample works by Pink artists Pablo Llana & Wyatt Mills

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My Gun is Pink (8×10) by William Wray
The Pink Show at Castelli Art Space
November 30 – December 3 • 5428 W. Washington Blvd. • Los Angeles, CA. 90016
For show information contact [email protected]

In this age when political anger convulses from every tweet on the troubled world stage, can we at least find some harmony in the art world where righteous disagreement is not essential for life to go on? Can’t we wet our collective beds and have kitsch on the wall at the same time? Can we retire a conflict of art ideals that’s not particularly worth upholding after all these years? It would seem like an art Gallery might be that place to start to let go of old beefs. That’s usually where we go with the stated intension to relax and enjoy a day or night out anyway, recharge the art batteries and be inspired. So with this little show we hope to encourage by example that all art can live in creative harmony, if it’s simply great art.

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Pablo Llana
“I aim for political reflection, by closely joining the critical and social senses.”

The result: pieces rich in texture, whose color palette are plastic wastes of poor nutrition; individual consequences of globalization and undoubtedly one of the plagues of the 21st century. Within my vision, a future emerges that indicates the bristling conditions between health and mass-production corporations in the global situation, where social innovation and benessere seem to be based on a cosmopolitan approach of the big city, which, despite of having greater civilizational-technological development, continues to suffer basic stresses such as housing, health and human rights. It is well to say that the great chains of junk food and lifestyles of the “big city” that in modern times was understood as an improvement for humanity

Wyatt Mills
Born: 1991 in Los Angeles. He has been living and working in Berlin, Germany since 2016. Wyatt holds a BFA with Honors in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York.

The PINK show artists include:
Aron Wiesenfeld
Ashley Wood
Andrea Bogdan
Bill Barminski
Bradford J. Salamon
Chris Reccardi
David Lipson
David Buckingham
Dave Cooper
David Sharpe
Escoto + Carrara
Gig Depio
Glenn Barr
Gordon Smedt
Jenniffer Pochinski
John Brosio
Jorge Pinzón Casasbuenas
Loic Zimmermann
Mark English
Michael Flechtner
Noah Becker
Pablo Llana
Pat Riot
Rafael Serrano
Robert Soffian
Sean Cheetham
Seonna Hong
Shepard Fairey
Steven Skollar
William Wray
Wyatt Mills

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