ART TODAY 11.11.17 California Wildlife – A nesting Sea Gull in Monterey Bay posing for Greg Tucker

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We hope you enjoyed the most recent photographs of fine art photographer Greg Tucker

The Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., National Geographic, Arizona Highways, National Wildlife Federation websites, and TribeLA Magazine have all featured Greg Tucker’s nature photographs. Greg has been published in numerous books and calendars too, including Practical Photography, Nature’s Best Photography, Digital Camera World, Popular Photography, Photographic Monthly, Nature Photographer, Wild Bird, Birds and Blooms, Shutterbug and Vanity Fair magazines. Visit Greg’s website at

Here’s a preview of Greg’s week:

ART TODAY 11.05.17 Enter the world of Nature with the elusive photographer Greg Tucker

ART TODAY 11.06.17 The bee, the flower, and Greg Tucker

ART TODAY 11.07.17 Light at the End of the Tunnel, a Greg Tucker photo

ART TODAY 11.08.17 Geyser Mound, Colorado – another Greg Tucker photo

ART TODAY 11.09.17 A long exposure under the Huntington Beach pier by Greg Tucker

ART TODAY 11.10.17 Ice, reflecting sky and mountains – Greg Tucker showing off his art

Volume 1 releases May 2020

TribeLA Magazine cover

Flavio Bisciotti painting Invisible Cities

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Happy Birthday Synthia SAINT JAMES!!!

Happy Birthday Synthia SAINT JAMES!!!

“I’ve been told that I have a golden and magnetic aura, and love that description which I hope to always live up to. I think of myself as a 68 year old petite woman with the heart and energy of a child. I’m always open and love to embrace new ideas, and creative challenges.”

Meet Alexandra Dillon!

Meet Alexandra Dillon!

A native of Los Angeles, Alexandra Dillon received her B.A. in film from UCLA, then returned to her lifelong passion for making art. Her love of Old Master painting led her to study classical realism in Florence, Italy, then New Orleans, finally settling in Venice, CA. She has since appeared in group and solo shows in Los Angeles.

ART TODAY 021018 The burned brushes that started a legend for Alexandra Dillon: FAB Gallery’s PalimpsestVenice (watch the video)

ART TODAY 021018 The burned brushes that started a legend for Alexandra Dillon: FAB Gallery’s PalimpsestVenice (watch the video)

…Alexander Dillon told TribeLA Magazine that she took the burned brushed home, and at first, she didn’t know what to do with them. She played with them turning them back and forth … then she began to paint and stories evolved. With all of her brushes, “They show up and tell me who they are,” she says. Working on each piece over the course of several days, she finds the emotion and personality of her characters. The results are beautiful and engaging faces, often reminiscent of Roman-Egyptian mummy portraits or Baroque painting. “I’m influenced by the art of every era”, she says.


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