Dog Lovers: Meet our new content contributor, Buoy Lewis Durkin

by Jul 13, 2017Lifestyles

catch canine reporter Buoy Durkin’s first interview plus book excerpts from Miss Annie, the smart and sexy golden retriever from the Davis MacDonald mystery series.

After Natalie read Miss Annie’s book excerpts from “The Island” to Buoy, he decided to contemplate his interview questions in the photo above. “THE ISLAND” is Davis’s second book that carries on the saga of the Judge and Katy, his new squeeze, and Miss Annie on the Island of Catalina.

In addition to interviewing his fellow canines, Buoy enjoys swimming at his family’s lake house, being told how handsome he is, and playing with his friends (a white Labrador named Dewey and a Shih-Tzu named Nellie, to name a few). He resides in La Canada with his family, including fellow TribeLA Magazine content contributor, Natalie.

Buoy poolside

Buoy poolside

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