Honey Suckle Kisses: Loves Refreshment

You were so stunningly radiant

magically majestic

yet so very real

when I first laid eyes on you

The soft light in the dimly lit room

highlighted and tenderly

embraced your face

like in an exquisite oil painting

from another period

time and place

The essence of the Renaissance

mixed with a touch

of the French Impressionist

Gently outlining

your silky tresses

chiseled features

then, so very seductively

your beautiful expressive eyes

before reaching your sensuous

and slightly pouted lips

I was spellbound

you mesmerized me

and I felt intoxicated

as I continuously stole

secret glances of you

–––Synthia SAINT JAMES


To purchase your copy of Honey Suckle Kisses: Love’s Refreshment, click here or go to Amazon.com.
Synthia’s website: synthiasaintjames.com.


Happy 50th Anniversary Synthia!

The Creative World of Synthia SAINT JAMES
 The 50th Career Anniversary Tour will begin on Sunday, June 10th (1-4pm) at the African American Firefighters Museum in Los Angeles, CA. The program will include a “Conversation with the Artist” (beginning at 1:30pm), an interactive conversation with the audience about Synthia’s art and career, and a SAINT JAMES Fine Art Exhibition and Sale benefiting the African American Firefighter Museum, (http://www.aaffmuseum.org). For more information, click here.
Kwanzaa U.S. Postage Stamp (the Brown Girl collection) by Synthia SAINT JAMES
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