"Eye of Agamatto" by Chris Bonno inspired by Marvel's Dr. Strange

ART TODAY 07.06.17: “Eye of Agamatto” by Chris Bonno inspired by Marvel’s Dr. Strange

The “Eye of Agamatto” is the name that I thought of when I looked at this enigmatic abstract for a bit…

Photo by: Cat Gwynn

The title refers to a medallion worn by the Marvel character Doctor Strange that works on a mystical level for “good.” It weakens evil beings and has a ton of other fun attributes.

To make the abstract (which is around 24″ x 36″), my rule of thumb is to do my best to make the colors and shapes somehow “fit” organically without giving in to the desire to make the shapes and forms “representational,” I inevitably will see things that resemble objects or familiar images. Some of those I may allow to stay in the final depending on how they work together with the rest of the piece.

I feel like abstracts can be like a jazzy math equation. Trying to make sure all the shapes, colors and dynamics work together. I lose time when I paint them and have enough that I once had a smaller show that was strictly my abstract experiments. They also are a great alternative to making the more detailed portraits. A vacation of sorts creatively.

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