“Money in the Eyes” exhibit by Alexander de Cadenet at FAB-Gallery in Santa Monica

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Delia Cabral Fine-Art presents “Money in the Eyes” at FAB-Gallery – plus collaboration with Eckhart Tolle and Mind Body Spirit Magazine story about art and the spiritual dimension

by deborah granger

For the first show in Los Angeles, British artist Alexander de Cadenet presents a series of ‘Life-Burger’ sculptures, castings of human skulls with silver dollars in their eye sockets and a new addition to his skull portrait photographic series. The exhibition that explores society’s obsession with material wealth and status and the spiritual dimension in art.

The opening public reception will be held on May 4 from 6pm to 9pm. Exhibition dates are May 4 through June 4. Gallery viewing hours are by appointment. FAB-gallery is located at 2001 Main Street, Santa Monica. Click here.

Critic and historian Edward Lucie-Smith had this to say about Alexander de Cadenet: “The Life Burgers seem the culmination of the artist’s journey towards a full engagement with society offer a commentary on the vanity and essential self deception of contemporary urban society, with its lust more pronounced than ever in its upper reaches — for expensive toys.

Buddha Burger, bronze casting gold plated, unique edition, 2015

Buddha Burger, bronze casting gold plated, unique edition, 2015

“The Life Burger sculptures combine two opposing functions: they offer a sharp criticism of the society we live in and yet simultaneously they are luxury objects in their own right.”

Exhibited for the first time, The Life Burger, shown at FAB-Gallery will include the Veyron Berger, The Skull Burger, The Buddha Burger and the solid silver Trump Burger, which features President Trump riding a bison, (itself a sacred American Indian symbol) and is a multi-faceted reading of the Trump phenomenon and celebrity culture in America today.

To coincide with the opening of this exhibition, the artist will also launch a new website as a platform for a community of artists who see their artwork as a portal to a deeper dimension of existence and wish to offer spiritual and philosophical insights into life today through their art. The expedition will also coincide with the publication in Mind Body Spirit Magazine of part 1 of the artist interview with spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle on the subject of ‘Art and the Spiritual Dimension.’ A meeting between the artist and Tolle in Vancouver in 2016 inspired the development of the new visionaries platform.

Skull Portrait with Raven, photographic print, edition of 1+1 a/p, 2016

Skull Portrait with Raven, photographic print, edition of 1+1 a/p, 2016

De Cadenet is best known for his x-ray photographic “Skull Portraits” of celebrities and famous historical subjects, including portraits of King Richard III of England, Pharaoh Tutankhamun, Albert Einstein, and Marilyn Monroe. His previous projects and participations include exhibitions of displays at the Victoria and Albert Museum (1998), Museum of Modern Art, Ostende (2001), Courtauld Institute of Art (2003), Tate Britain (2006), Beijing Olympics (2008), and Museum of Torrance (2012).

Artist websites: alexanderdecadenet.com