YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD INDIE CHORUS WERE ALMOST REALITY TV STARS. T Natalie Durkin (TribeLA Magazine): Give yourself and your work a tagline and tell us why. Silver Lake Chorus: Your friendly neighborhood indie chorus. R ND: What got you started in music? What is...


Sounds and the City 08.25.2017 “Angeleno” by Sam Outlaw

The video accompanying Sam Outlaw's "Angeleno" zeroes in on an Americana couple embarking on life together in Los Angeles. Shots of Downtown and the Hollywood Walk of Fame cover Los Angeles' trademark postcard views and the Angeleno couple brings a lesser known element of all-American grit characteristic of true Angelenos.
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The TribeLA Musicians Acrostic Artist Interview with Katie Mitchell of Kilo Tango

I arrive an hour prior to have a pre-show chat with Katie Mitchell, Kilo Tango’s frontwoman. I approach Katie at the bar where she’s with her friend and bassist, Caitlin Dee. She lights up like her fiery red hair and gives me a warm hug when I say, “Are you Katie?” We step outside to talk, Dee in tow. Mitchell tells me about her cottage cheese addiction, the café in Echo Park that has her heart, and how to do what you love and survive the meltdowns that come with it.
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Katie Mitchell

The Intergalactic and Intuitive Moollz

I was at Urban Outfitters on Ventura Boulevard with a friend last spring when I ran into Molly Kirschenbaum. Warm, inviting, redheaded, and smiley, Molly, out shopping with her mom, was just a normal teenaged girl. But not to me. Molly is a musical artist, known as Moollz. Before that encounter, I would often play her EP, Moon Fruit, because it took me out of the suburbs and to another galaxy with its trademark synth and Molly’s mesmerizing, inviting melodies.
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Moollz at the Peppermint Club

When it comes to Jazz Icon Miles Davis, Cool really is Forever … Happy Birthday Sir Miles!

Sir Miles Dewey Davis, III was not only one of the greatest jazz musicians that I know, but he was also a renowned visual artist highly regarded for his paintings and drawings. Happy Birthday MILES! The entire Miles Davis Festival experience is one that I will always remember. It not only featured Miles's nephew Vince Wilburn, Jr. and Barbara Morrison, but also Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Clark Terry, Russell Gun, Phil Perry, Jazz Edge, Young Lions and local talent. It was a 12-hour back-to-back jam session filled with music, poetry, and dance. The city was floating until midnight as Ahmad Jamal worked his magic on the keyboards punctuated with jazzmick and contagious rhythms that Miles Davis would gladly approve, having been a fan of Ahmad's work.
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