ART TODAY 07.02.17: This week, we are hanging out with whimsical artist Chris Bonno starting with the “Sexy Coco” painting signed by Conan

Chris paints whimsical like no other and he shares a few stories with TribeLA Magazine

Photo by: Cat Gwynn

Sitting in a diner in North Hollywood munching on jalapeño poppers, Bonno gives Editor-in-Chief Janice Bremec Blum some insight into his childhood, “I was one of numerous class clowns in grade school always finding that I had to get a line in if it popped into my head. There’s nothing like getting a room laugh from your peers and sometimes teachers. And I was always doodling.” It’s that combination that gives Bonno his whimsical style.

Today, Chris Bonno is an award winning Los Angeles artist and comedian who received his Fine Arts Degree from the University of Texas at Austin with honors. He started out as an illustrator with work shown in publications such as Austin Chronicle, National Lampoon, The WGA magazine, The L. A. Weekly with regular exhibits in galleries in Texas and California. He currently is a regular contributor/illustrator for The American Bystander Comedy Magazine.

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  1. I’ve know Chris Bonno for years and have several of his works in my home. Love this artist.

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