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ART TODAY 11.13.17: Watch the hilarious Big Tomato 4-minute video featuring the Art of Chris Bonno



Here’s a review of Chris Bonno from our last visit…

  1. He paints upside down (painting the bottom first and switching back and forth for shapes, colors and depth).
  2. He is a painter, comedian, and actor with numerous appearances on tv shows, films, and tv commercials.
  3. Though he was the class clown in grade school, he received a fine arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin with honors.
  4. He started his career as an illustrator for Austin Chronicle, L.A. Weekly including national publications.
  5. He is almost psychic… able to channel into the personality of a person’s spirit to bring out just the right amount of whimsy.
  6. He takes commissions, demonstrating people in fun, whimsical ways.
  7. L.A. loves Chris Bonno.

You can find out more about Chris Bonno at:

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ART TODAY 07.06.17: “Eye of Agamatto” by Chris Bonno inspired by Marvel’s Dr. Strange

ART TODAY 11.12.17: Go Whimsical with Chris Bonno as filmmaker David Lynch joins the Bonno elite – Idea: Commission a whimsical art piece as a gift! Details here…

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