Acrostic Interview with Paul Torres.4

Room: Where in your home do you work? If not in your home, where do you feel most 
compelled to create?
I have a room for a studio where I paint. I also like to do Life drawing sketches outside in restaurants and places like that.

Tools: What do you prefer to work with physically and otherwise?
My favorite medium is oil painting but I also do a lot of color pencil, marker, acrylic, oil, pastels… a little bit of everything. I always end up with oils or sometimes I just do everything in oils from the start.

Indulgence: What is your favorite indulgence? Do you cook? What is your specialty meal? What is your favorite restaurant in LA where you indulge yourself?
I love to buy art supplies online like Amazon and Blick and I like to eat out with my girlfriend. I recommend Savoy and Noodle World in Alhambra and Petrollis Italian restaurant in San Gabriel. I also like Indian, Middle Eastern, etc. L.A. is an amazing place to eat.

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