“My interpretation of Life events as; the quilt of patterns represents events in one’s Life.”

I have always said, “that my most important goal as an artist is to make profound aesthetic art statements that are ethnically rooted and at the same time arouse the spiritual emotions in the viewers. I want to tell stories in my art that mirrors the Black Experience, but in a way that is uniquely mine. I want to create an art language that is uniquely ”Bibbs” that will take the viewer on a unique journey into a different experience.” Charles Bibbs

Synthia SAINT JAMES introduced us to Charles Bibbs in 2017. Though Charles is well known throughout the arts community, this introduction was a personal invite to get to know him, his wife Elaine and the family. Charles Bibbs is an internationally acclaimed artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who is most recognized for his beautiful artistic renderings that convey deep senses of spirituality, majesty, dignity, strength, and grace. Though he is a self-taught artist, Charles attended Los Angeles Harbor College, Long Beach City College, Cal State Dominquez Hills, and the California State University of Long Beach, where he studied studio arts and fine art printing.

His work displays a unique, robust and stylized quality done in a combination of abstract and realistic interpretations of contemporary subjects that are beautifully fused into multifaceted ethnicity, larger-than-life images.

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