An expression of a Black Woman in her relationship with an object as an umbrella for a fashion statement.”  The birds in her dress represent Grace and Beauty.

TribeLA Magazine: How would you describe your Aura, style, etc.?
Charles Bibbs: I really don’t know what my style is.  It can change at any time, in order to achieve a desired effect.  I would rather leave that to the critics.

TribeLA Magazine: Where is your favorite place or room to work and why?
Charles Bibbs: I have two rooms to work in at my home. Each room provides a unique arrangement, so it really depends on the artistic task at hand. Therefore, I have no favorites.

TribeLA Magazine: What Tools do you prefer to work with, physically and otherwise?
Charles Bibbs: My tools are many, ranging from a fine pointed mechanical pen to a wide paint brush.  The preference depends on my desired effect or outcome.

Charles Bibbs is the founder of several organizations and businesses such as, Art On Tour, Images Magazine, The Inland Empire Music, and Arts Foundation. Bibbs is also the founder of two publishing and distribution companies, the former B Graphics and Fine Arts, and his present business, Studio B Art Publishing and Distribution. He has also owned and operated seven art galleries in Southern California.

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