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ART TODAY 08.15.17: Journey – artist Outi Harma paints her way closer to the earth and her wild nature

I grew up surrounded by nature. It was just a five minute walk through the forest to be by the nearest lake. For years since living in Los Angles, I have had this longing to lay down on the earth and be covered by leaves. I think that yearning has eased up a bit by painting so many pictures of women who have leaves, trees and antlers on them. They are close to the earth and their wild nature.

My 20 year love affair with ecstatic dance along with acting and theatre are rich sources of inspiration. They feed my painting and vise averse. I feel very fortunate that on weekly bases I get to dive into this creative, mystical worlds through dance, painting and theatre. Where I can discover, embody and express different feelings and characters. I find it extremely healing and necessary for my well being.

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Energy: What fires you up?

Anything that brings me fully alive. Here are a few: divine, dance, theater, art, music, being around creative people, intimate conversation, kindness, sex, nature, rest, coffee.

Los Angeles: Where is your favorite place in Los Angeles? Where would you take visitors? If you could defend the city in one sentence to someone who doubts it, what would you say?

Almost anywhere in LA at 6 am on Christmas morning is great! You can drive around and have the city for yourself. Seeing the sunrise from the different parts of the city and taking great pictures. I also love walks on the beach or in the mountains in the early hours. Los Angles has so much to offer. You just have to find it.

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To be continued…

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