Joe Rocco's satellite repairman

ART TODAY 08.30.17: Joe Rocco’s whimsical style is “a cross between Rankin-Bass, the Muppet Show and Eastern European Children’s animation”

Repairing Satellites (New York Newsday)

CNET reported that a burst of unexplained signals was picked up today (08.30.17), and scientists are searching for extraterrestrial intelligence. Joe Rocco’s repairman is on the job in case anything goes wrong. More about these mysterious signals at this link:

TribeLA Magazine Acrostic Interview.4 with illustrator/cartoonist Joe Rocco

Advice: What is the best advice you’ve received? What is the best advice you can give?
I’m rather fond of the expression “Under-Promise but Over-Deliver” when it comes to the work I do for any client. A former boss of mine said that she believed in that phrase as her modus operandi in her own work and later on I heard that it’s an old expression in business. I like the idea of not making too ambitious a promise about the work I will do, but then going that extra mile so the client feels that I went far beyond their expectations.

So many people in life make ridiculous promises that they rarely keep or can truly deliver and they usually end up disappointing you. I NEVER want to disappoint anyone I’m working for – so I value that piece of advice and I share it when I speak to illustration students and anyone who asks me for advice in my field. It’s a nice surprise to exceed someone’s expectations about you. I also believe that you should take a breath and really be “in the moment” and enjoy what it is you’re doing…whatever that is. Why do anything at all unless you’re going to give it your best effort?

Aura: How would you describe your energy, style, etc.?
My energy comes from coffee and the fear that I’ll have to work doing something I hate just to pay the bills. My style is a cross between Rankin-Bass, the Muppet Show and Eastern European Children’s animation.

To be continued tomorrow…

Joe’s style is whimsical and has been seen in such magazines as Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, Time, Forbes, The Village Voice, Fantagraphics Press, Disney and countless others. For 10 years he illustrated the nationally syndicated column, “Joe Bob’s America” for The New York Times Syndicate and as a cartoonist he created and distributed 2 comic strips throughout the US and Canada.

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