By Janice Bremec Blum

Last March, when Editor in Chief, Janice Bremec Blum asked Renée Scotti Dalo, owner of Moxie Bright Events, about wedding planning, her big blue eyes got brighter with her smile when she announced, “Everyone’s in love, let’s celebrate!” And it’s that kind of celebratory “moxie” that makes Dalo the go-to gal for the betrothed in Los Angeles.

Dalo didn’t set out to be a wedding planner, it planned her. Always the organized one, she was the friend that everyone went to for party advice. “I always said ‘yes’ and then I’d figure it out!” And figure it out she did to the point of turning what was first recognized as being a “hobbiest” into a full-fledged wedding planner with an eye for detail, style, and of course, budget.

This week, we congratulate LA’s recently married couples who got hitched in various spaces and places. If you are recently married, send us your photo with vital information to:

For the entire Moxie story To be continued tomorrow…

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