ART TODAY 10.12.17 The Pink pop-up Show: 31 artist, one work of art, one exhibit, a plethora of interpretation – Artists join together to show their take on PINK

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31 Artists • The Pink Show • Castelli Art Space
November 30 – December 3 • 5428 W. Washington Blvd. • Los Angeles, CA. 90016
For show information contact [email protected]

Every now and then, something novel, fresh, and whimsical comes along – Something born out of the grass roots demands of the few, and the multitudes. Artists are poised… tools in hand, ready to capture this moment in history. We all know there is an explosion of new artwork and new art forms. The Pink pop-up Show articulates this awareness. Stay tuned here, at TribeLA Magazine for more information.
The Pink Show Artists:
Aron Wiesenfeld
Ashley Wood
Andrea Bogdan
Bill Barminski
Bradford J. Salamon
Chris Reccardi
David Lipson
David Buckingham
Dave Cooper
David Sharpe
Escoto + Carrara
Gig Depio
Glenn Barr
Gordon Smedt
Jenniffer Pochinski
John Brosio
Jorge Pinzón Casasbuenas
Loic Zimmermann
Mark English
Michael Flechtner
Noah Becker
Pablo Llana
Pat Riot
Rafael Serrano
Robert Soffian
Sean Cheetham
Seonna Hong
Shepard Fairey
Steven Skollar
William Wray
Wyatt Mills

Here are samples of Pat Riot and David Buckingham’s art

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Pat Riot can be thought of as a conceptual artist with a boundless imagination tempered only by the conditions of our times.  In his series Crystal Lies, Pat Riot assembled jigsaw puzzles and molded phrases of double entendres into a transparent resin to fit on top of the puzzles in order to convey his view of how easily military vernacular can enter mainstream consciousness.  Bug Splat is a piece from his series where at first the term “Bug Splat” in resin over an image of the front of an 18 wheeler seems quite obvious, but in the more sinister world of Department of Defense phraseology “Bug Splat” refers to a victim of a drone attack.  Pat Riot is uniquely adept at peeling back the candy coated shell of military terminology to reveal the hideousness of its reality. Getting a peek behind the curtain of Pat Riot’s imagination one can only wonder what the phrase Looks Like Chicken means as an overlay on an image of a sandy white tropical beach somewhere…
David “KooK” Buckingham – Once upon a time KooK was an ad man in New York City, a real life Mad Man who played the game at the highest levels.  Time took its course wending KooK’s travels from New York City to Australia to Los Angeles where he decided to shift gears and become an artist.  Kook’s mastery of the spoken word, scrap metal from the deserts east of Los Angeles, welders, circular saws and other power tools have given life to words and symbols solidified in metal as well as to sculptures influenced by the self taught masters of his native New Orleans.  KooK’s keen wit and observational humor allow him to create works such as Surfer’s Creedo which is an actual quote from a stoner surfer somewhere along the coastline of Baja California, and Death to the Fascist Insect… which was the slogan of the Symbionese Liberation Army, the group of Berkeley radicals who kidnapped Patty Hearst back in the Seventies. If you’re in Los Angeles look for the metal letters “K O O K” and you’ll know whose neighborhood you’re in…

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