In 2012, Aline Smithson received the Rising Star Award through the Griffin Museum of Photography for her contributions to the photographic community. In 2014, Aline’s work was selected for the Critical Mass Top 50 and she received the Excellence in Teaching Award from CENTER. In 2015, the Magenta Foundation published her first significant monograph, Self & Others: Portrait as Autobiography. In 2016, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum commissioned Aline to a series of portraits for the upcoming Faces of Our Planet Exhibition.

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INFLUENCE: What would you like to share with our audience and what effect do you hope to have on us?
I am all about building community and supporting each other. The life of an artist is not a race—some of your peers will have more success, some less, but that coming together with a common interest makes everything richer. If I can pass on the spirit sharing information, sharing support, and showing up for each other, then I’m happy.

BACK: If you could choose a past literary/art/music movement to be a part of, which would you choose?
I have always been drawn to the Dadaist movement and the rejection of normalcy. I definitely have a rebellious spirit of pushing back on traditional paths. Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray’s influence runs deep.

I love to dance. I take hip-hop and Zumba classes as many days of the week that I can fit in. I prefer the music of hip-hop and any Michael Jackson song makes me into an immediate Soul Train dancer. I also love listening to the music of my son, RL Grime.

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