Meet Hope, photographed by Debbie Zeitman

ART TODAY 10.28.17 Explore the animal shelter photography of Debbie Zeitman – Adopt a new best friend!

A story lives behind every photo
‘Hope’ by Debbie Zeitman

Since 2011, I have been a volunteer at North Central Animal Shelter, which sadly is a high kill Los Angeles City shelter. A photo is a powerful tool in saving a shelter animal’s life, but equally important in my volunteer experience is that my time at the shelter has opened my eyes to the struggles of companion animals in our city.

These photos highlight a tiny sample of the tales that have moved me in my hours at the shelter. Getting abandoned animals into a rescue organization is a dream. A loving, forever home is the true desire. Changing how animals are treated in our world is the long-term goal.

Laguna Bright by Debbie Zeitman
‘Volunteer’ by Debbie Zeitman

I always hope a photograph can help. Please visit the shelter’s networking page.

Vulnerability moves me, and the mystery of the human experience. And animals hold a special place in my heart, for you can’t explain to them their suffering, so I strive to aid them whenever I can. When I first sought to donate my time to animal rescue groups via photography, I never imagined how deeply I would get involved. I find it extraordinary how vegans are ridiculed in our society as if wanting to end suffering is a position deserving to be mocked. As I result, I aim to normalize it and offer to sit with people one on one and then take them food shopping to answer their questions and to assist them in exploring going vegan. – Debbie Zeitman

Zeitman has photographed over 50 Venice Artists and still counting. Fifteen artist portraits and stories are hanging at Wabi Venice (1635 Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice). Her photographic life began as a freelance photographer for the Associated Press covering primarily sports. Now her eyes drift to life’s everyday rich details, whether tiny or grand. She also spends an extraordinary amount of time trying to capture the meaningful expressions of shelter dogs and cats in an attempt to get them to safety and into permanent homes. In addition, Debbie advocates for all animals and lives a vegan lifestyle.

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