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eed a pause between novels, work, and boring activities like waiting in lines. The short-story gives you a sense of pleasure from a quick read of intrigue, mystery, romance, or comedy. It’s a great way to sample new genres, authors, and explore cultures. They give you the satisfactions of finishing a story and we can go on and on and on here. If you are a writer (emerging or established), we’d love to read and share your short story. If you are a reader, explore our growing section from L.A.’s short-story writers and watch them grow.

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Linda J. Albertano expounds about trips to West Africa, and playing the Kora with Prince Diabate

I first saw Prince Diabate perform at an event for the Dalai Lama’s citywide World Festival of Sacred Music held in LA in 1999. I was mesmerized. I was flattened by the cascades and crescendos of celestial sound that flowed from his exuberant kora (West African harp). It sounded like angel tears bursting into fireworks of joy!  

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Linda J. Albertano and Prince Diabate
Short Story

Dear Football, I Love You … Now can you please sit down? I have some things I need to say – André Hardy, Sr.

Dear Football, I love you. You have been the love of my life for as long as I can remember. Everything good that I am, everything good that I will ever be, in part I owe to you. You were there for me when I thought all was lost. You picked me up and loved me when no one else would. Now can you please sit down? I have some things I need to say.

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Dear Football by Andre Hardy - a short story
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PanaFest-LA director Carlos Carrasco invites you to watch the trailer, “The Last Colony,” by 4x Emmy Award director Juan Agustín Márquez – A close look at Puerto Rico’s unique relationship with the U.S. + benefit screening 11.4.17

The one thing I want to make clear, is that my agenda is not political. Having said that, I also am a great believer that art should not happen in a vacuum. I don’t believe in chamber art. I don’t see that as a function of art. I think art connects us to the world.

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The Last Colony - Panafest Film Festival2017