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Luis Rodriguez’s Post Laureate updates: Vroman’s, KCET, FX-TV’s Snowfall, Tia Chucha Press, a new book + more

Pasadena's Vroman's Bookstore "Walk of Fame" dedication to Luis Rodriguez by Luis J. Rodriguez [hoot_dropcap]I finished my term as Los Angeles Poet Laureate at the end of 2016.[/hoot_dropcap] In two years, I spoke or read poetry to an estimated 25,000 people in over...

Youth Poet Laureate Rhiannon McGavin’s “Art Class” Poem

In my kindergarten art class, sunlight dripped through finger paint covered windows.
I learned the primaries, red blue yellow, you could make the whole rainbow from just three colors.
you’re older when you tell yourself you only looked at female anatomical models for reference
but this girl made me understand why they say, pretty as a painting. ...

Rhiannon McGavin, Youth Poet Laureate

Excerpt from the sensual love poem “Honey Suckle Kisses” by Synthia SAINT JAMES + Happy 50th Anniversary Synthia! – Find out more…

You were so stunningly radiant
magically majestic
yet so very real
when I first laid eyes on you
The soft light in the dimly lit room
highlighted and tenderly
embraced your face
like in an exquisite oil painting
from another period
time and place
The essence of the Renaissance
mixed with a touch
of the French Impressionist ...

Honey Suckle Synthia SAINT JAMES poetry

Polavision by Susan Hayden – A captivating poetic Memoir inspired by a Terence Winch poem

"Around 1966, I was bitten after hours by a standard poodle named Coco. My pediatrician had to make a house call to give me a tetanus shot. I wanted to marry Dr Sokoloff and faked sick all the time so he would have to examine me. I was three. He was James Coburn’s double. I’d seen “Ride Lonesome”; I already knew my future husband would be like a steak at The Palm, a Prime Porterhouse; rough-hewn on the outside, tender underneath."

Susan Hayden, Library Girl

Library Girl “Susan Hayden” says in Interview, Don’t be Quiet – Your Words Matter!

Susan Hayden is the Creator/Producer & Curator of the monthly, mixed-genre literary series, Library Girl, now in its 9thyear at the Ruskin Group Theatre in Santa Monica, CA. In 2015, she was presented with the Bruria Finkel/Artist In The Community Award by the Santa Monica Arts Commission for her “significant contributions to the energetic discourse within Santa Monica’s arts community.” Susan’s proudest achievement has been raising her son, singer-songwriter Mason Summit. 

Susan Hayden at A.G. Geiger in Chinatown

Poems: Linda J. Albertano and Her Brother, James AA Stone

Virtue rides into town on a
convertible Clydesdale. She's wrapped
in blue-and-white
and is eating an apple concoction.
Ah, Virtue! They want
Your symbols
are so succulent! They want to use
for purposes of personal

Virtue drinks nothing but
from glaciers and the sap of lacebark

Linda J. Albertano and brother James AA Stone

Rhonda: Blood, Sweat, and Fears – Molly Kirschenbaum (Moollz) Delves Into All Things Woman with Her Exploration of Sexuality, Body Love, and the Fierce Female Form for International Women’s Day

Moollz orders a decaf peppermint tea. She doesn’t vibe with caffeine, despite managing the rigors of being a student at Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University. “I’m studying music business, music theory, composition, production, and engineering,” she rattles off as if she’s studying basic arithmetic. She hopes to delve further into songwriting, film scoring, and multi media branding as well as honing her craft as a songwriter and composer. (from Natalie Durkin's "Intergalactic and Intuitive Moollz")

Rhonda by Moollz

The Wandering Song: New literary anthology from Tia Chucha Press – The press that began with Chicago Poetry, and poet laureate emeritus Luis Rodriguez

The Wandering Song: Central American Writing in the United States is a multi-genre collection of poems, short stories, essays, memoir, novel excerpts, and creative nonfiction. The book showcases writers who render a multiplicity of experiences as refugees from the wars of the 1980s to those who barely remember the homeland, or who were born in el norte.

Luis Rodriguez at Tia Chua Press