ENCORE of Leo Garcia’s “My Alien Abduction” – the exhibit that brought cultural Abduction & Appropriation to the forefront in L. A. + video trailer

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Art, Galleries

My Alien Abduction
First conceived as a performance piece (authored and performed by Garcia), My Alien Abduction is a pantheon of a fictive legacy based on a real event that happened to the artist.  Born and raised in the Southwest, Garcia is no stranger to abductions. Let’s just say his experience was a close call.  The larger metaphor in this show is what has been culturally abducted from original people of the new world and, too, by the Hispano settlers of New Mexico.
If the myth of power is in part sustained by taking, or “abducting” (appropriating) what is owned by someone else and then making it your own and claiming it, then Garcia’s pantheon literally apes a hierarchical power structure that is human in invention. –Clayton Campbell

Editor’s note: According to UFOtoday.com, dozens of UFO sightings were reported during the Fall of ’67 and all were linked mysteriously to livestock deaths. The mysterious deaths are possibly the first documented case of livestock mutilation caused by extraterrestrial beings.

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