Nachismo-2017-by Chris Bonno

ART TODAY 11.17.17 “Nachismo” by Chris Bonno – in celebration of the NACHO!

Chris Bonno has illustrated for National Lampoon Magazine, the Writer’s Guild of America magazine, the LA Weekly and the Austin Chronicle and is currently a regular illustrator for The American Bystander magazine “an essential read for comedy nerds”(quote by the New York Times).  He has illustrated books for “Tonight Show” writer T. Sean Shannon and comedian John Marks.  His art has also been featured on various TV shows including “Talk Soup,” “Caroline in the City” and “Gilmore Girls.” Many of his recent works can be found in the article written about him called “The Art of Comedy” by publisher and editor Tony Shea.

You can find Chris on Instagram at #chrisbonnoart and see more of his work through a link at his website at For inquiries regarding the art for purchase or commissions, contact him at

Wheel of Cheese by Chris Bonno


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