“The International Decade” for People of African Descent (Recognition, Justice and Development)
Inspired by the United Nations General Assembly’s Resolution proclaiming 2015-2024, “The International Decade” — Acrylic on Canvas, 30×30″ (2015)

Books written and/or Illustrated by Synthia SAINT JAMES

Children’s books

It's Kwanzaa Time by Synthia SAINT JAMES

Mollel/Saint James.  To Dinner, For Dinner, New York, NY: Holiday House, 2000.
Hull/Saint James.  Alphabet Affirmations, Los Angeles, CA: Kids Creative Classics, 2000.
Saint James, Synthia.  It’s Kwanzaa Time, New York, NY: Little Simon/Simon & Schuster, 2001.
Hull/Saint James.  Peace In Our Land, Los Angeles, CA: Kids Creative Classics, 2002.
Sneve/Saint James.  Enduring Wisdom, New York, NY: Holiday House, 2003.
Hull/Saint James.  Dream A World, Los Angeles, CA: Kids Creative Classics, 2004.
Saint James, Synthia.  A story in The Milestones Project by Dr. Richard & Michele Steckel, Berkeley, CA: Tricycle Press, 2004.

Adult books

Creative Fixings by Synthia SAINT JAMES

Johnson/Saint James.  Mother’s Love, White Plains, NY: Peter Pauper Press, 1996.
Saint James, Synthia.  Girlfriends, White Plains, NY: Peter Pauper Press, 1997.
Saint James, Synthia.  Can I Touch You: Love Poems & Affirmations, Newark, NJ: Music Quest, 1997.
Saint James, Synthia.  Creative Fixings From The Kitchen: Favorite Multicultural Recipes, Atelier SAINT JAMES; 2 edition (January 15, 2016).
Saint James, Synthia.  Forward to Who’s Who Among Afri-Can Americans-13th Edition, Farmington Hills, MI: Gale Group, 2000.
Saint James, Synthia.  Essay in How to Make Black America Better by Tavis Smiley, New York, NY: Doubleday Books,
Can I Touch You: A Collection of Love Poetry, Synthia SAINT JAMESSaint James, Synthia.  Synthia Saint James: A Book of Postcards, San Francisco, CA: Pomegranate, 2004.
SAINT JAMES, Synthia.  Living My Dream: An Artistic Approach to Marketing, Los Angeles, CA: Create Space, 2011.
SAINT JAMES, Synthia.  Can I Touch You: A Collection of Love Poetry, Los Angeles, CA: Atelier SAINT JAMES, 2011.
SAINT JAMES, Synthia.  The I Wills According to SAINT JAMES: Book One, Los Angeles, CA: Atelier SAINT JAMES, 2011.

TribeLA Magazine Acrostic Interview.6

Advice: What is the best advice you’ve received? What is the best advice you can give?
“Make a place for your art.” In 1980, I attended an informal lecture by Ernie Barnes where he emphasized the importance of being proactive. That was the best advice I’d ever heard and I continue to encourage my students and other artists to take control of their careers. I also teach a workshop on “The Business of Art” and recommend my book, Living My Dream: An Artistic Approach to Marketing, for some helpful tips and creative affirmations.

Aura: How would you describe your energy, style, etc.?
I’ve been told that I have a golden and magnetic aura, and love that description which I hope to always live up to. I think of myself as a 68 year old petite woman with the heart and energy of a child. I’m always open and love to embrace new ideas, and creative challenges. My idea of dressing up, or as I call it my typical “exhibit wear”, is made up of one of my many Asian tops or jackets, some slacks and a pair of my “dressy” gold or silver metallic sneakers.

See you tomorrow as we wrap up Synthia’s week with full Acrostic Interview.


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