Thank you Sandy Bleifer, for making us aware of our love and devastations to each other and the planet, through your beautiful art

Ikebana V-A: Rimpa, 21-3/4″h x 31-1/2″w x 3″d

I have created artistic interpretations of my own Ikebana arrangements and, as I have done in much of my previous work in other subjects, revealed the distress that persistently undermines our aspirations of beauty and serenity. I think of these diptychs as “Memorials” because I have noticed the spontaneous collection of flowers, notes and memorabilia at sites of tragedy – and these roadside arrangements are as much a human response to loss as formal public memorials. (Sandy)

The Japanese Garden, Ikebana and Ikebana Memorials (The video says it all)

The video below documents a joint exhibition in my studio of my Ikebana Series alongside of the art, flower arrangements and landscape design of Kaz Kitajima, noted master of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana. The Japanese Garden presents a heightened sense of nature and Ikebana represents a highly refined representation of the beauty of flowers.

Below are links to other fine art projects by Sandy Bleifer and you can visit and contact her at

Review Highlight: The stunning “Ikebana Series” – Meet Sandy Bleifer and tour her Japanese Garden designed by Kaz Kitajima

ART TODAY 07.28.17: The “River Rocks Series” by Sandy Bleifer, sharing her art-making methods

New Year ART REVIEW with Sandy Bleifer’s “Hiroshima/Nagasaki Memorial project” included a live human performance Exhibit – (Watch this remarkable video on the ‘Essence of the Soul’)

ART TODAY 07.26.17: “Hurricane,” the Devastation series from Environmental Degradation by Sandy Bleifer – watch the video inspired by nature

ART TODAY 07.25.17: Another immense Sandy Bleifer art project titled “Stone’s Stones,” using Music as a Structural Model with Carl Stone’s classical musical composition, “Gallery Environment II” (also watch the Making of Stone’s Stones video)

ART TODAY 07.24.17 Graffiti 35, 1993 by Sandy Bleifer – Collage by Sandy, Graffiti art by Eric Fisher

ART TODAY 07.23.17: “Paper Becoming Me” by Sandy Bleifer – Explore with us this week, the intricate art of this renown artist, her expressive use of paper as a medium and subject, and her favorite food indulgence, a hot fudge Sundae.

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