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Daniel Webb brings Queer Southern Charm to stages across Los Angeles. From performing in drag as Toyota Lopez to dazzling audiences with stories of crippling single-dom, Webb’s bright disposition and bubbly nature evokes neo southern hospitality.



Natalie Durkin (TribeLA Magazine): Give yourself and your work a tagline and tell us why.
Daniel Webb: Only Gay When I’m Having Sex.


ND: What got you started in comedy? What is the reason you are here today?

DW: I was in a bunch of bands in Austin, Texas that all broke up, so instead of starting another band I decided to start comedy, because how could things get any worse? I moved to Los Angeles to pursue comedy and exacerbate my body dysmorphia.



ND: How do you hope to influence your audience?

DW: Make them laugh at everything and hopefully help them realize queer people are normal or whatever.


ND: What do you do when your creativity is blocked?

DW: I play Marble Madness.


ND: What fires you up and gives you energy?

DW: Evangelicals and other bigots who claim a moral authority but support a president and politicians that f–k around on their waves, use illegal money to pay them off, and let them get away with it because it’s heterosexual in nature.


ND: Can you tell us a little known fact?

DW: Nancy Pelosi is really Amelia Earhart just reassembled with newer teeth.


ND: Where is your favorite place in Los Angeles and why?

DW: Selena’s star on the Walk of Fame.


ND: Where is your favorite comedy club to perform?

photo by Celesta Danger


ND: Do you engage in other art forms? What mediums of art inspire you?
DW: I’ve played the piano for over 30 years, I’m a half-assed drag queen, and I have sex with men.


ND: How do you make comedy? Briefly chronicle your creative process.

DW: I make comedy in many different ways, usually by exposing other people’s bullshit or just commenting on The Bachelor; usually it’s all based on trash.


ND: What is the best advice you’ve received and the best advice you can impart onto us?
DW: Never dance on a round table.


ND: Any closing words?

DW: Rachel Maddow is appropriating Twink culture and it’s time for it to stop!


Janice Bremec Blum viewing Flying Swan at LA Art Show

FRIEZE Los Angeles, Paramount Pictures

Carmen Bordas at FRIEZE Los Angeles, Paramount Studious 2020
Janice Bremec Blum with Trump statutes at LA Art Show

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