We miss her already!

photographer: Miranda de Moraes

There’s still time to plan that weekend getaway as we declare everyday love day at TribeLA Magazine.

San Diego is a great destination city, with lots of fun activities to fill a weekend. If you are a fan, let Erin know if you can make it, by going to her website at: http://erinhanson.com/contact.

We’ve got an exclusive must read exclusive story by Hattie Xu with Erin Hanson at this link.

Erin Hanson, Landscape in Oil

Here’s an excerpt:
Erin infuses her works with movement and light in order to capture the “transience of time.” While there is incredible spontaneous movement in each nature-scape—palm fronds swaying in the breeze, magenta clouds swirling through the cobalt sky, flowers leaning towards one another, whispering—all of Erin’s paintings are intensely calculated.

“I paint a lot of early morning light and sunset light, and you only see that [lighting] for maybe three or four minutes,” she said. “And so, it’s like the image itself is already in motion and time. I’m trying to show that the moment is fleeting. And, there’s just so much natural motion outside.”

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