Luis Rodriguez’s “Words” and “Heavy Blue Veins: Watts 1959” + Post Laureate updates

by | Apr 30, 2018

Jim Davey is a photographer from Kansas City looking to integrate his craft with music due to the raw energy and authenticity performers have to offer in a mere moment. Coming from his own hardships, photography has been a gateway to capture what’s really important in life and, at the same time, give back to others so they can appreciate their own experiences.

Photography has led Jim from Kansas City to San Diego in search of capturing experienced and professional artists, in order to document the realism of their journey throughout their music career. Jim’s inspiration for photography comes from Danny Clinch, a photographer who has made his career in capturing the lives and performances of some very reputable musicians. With a profound respect of all genres and their influence on particular subcultures, Jim looks to deliver an accurate portrayal to his audience while making them feel as if their experiencing the moment themselves.

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