American Alien by Leo Garcia

ENCORE of ‘American Alien,’ culturally abducted and appropriated from “My Alien Abduction” by Leo Garcia – Get link to entire story and exhibit

American Alien

In My Alien Abduction, Garcia creates enigmatic symbology to mythologize the acts of abduction and appropriation. It’s madness, really … and it was served with wine, cheese, a raffle and short works by aspiring writers and performers during the opening reception on February 4, 2017 — TribeLA Magazine attended.

My Alien Abduction is Garcia’s pursuit to recover that which was taken from him … from a culture and a people. He does this through the manipulation of a digital program that in and of itself is a device of appropriation.

The result is a series of images that serves the myth of power by taking back his own. This is an act of re-appropriation that deals with abduction of land, self and alien abduction. See the entire exhibit at the following link… The exhibit supports the non-profit performance art space, Highways in Santa Monica.

Leo Garcia is a visual artist, performance curator, filmmaker, producer, actor and an award-winning playwright and has served as Highways Performance Space’s Artistic Director since 2003, where he has developed and presented over 700 performance works. His work is Influenced by the didactic of agitprop and inspired by the optimism of naiveté. For more on Garcia and his work, visit,, LeoTV

This week at a glance with Leo Garcia…

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ART TODAY 11.2.17 ‘Baby Prince’ is born out of “My Alien Abduction” by Leo Garcia, whose career was influenced by the didactic, agitprop

ART TODAY 11.1.17 My Alien Abduction’s “Princess” from Leo Garcia’s exhibit brings forth a surprise that you will see tomorrow

ART TODAY 10.31.17 The Plot thickens in “My Alien Abduction” by Leo Garcia – This is “Overseer” in 3-D + Q and A, and more about Leo!

ENCORE of “Fear Not” from the Alien Abduction series by Leo Garcia at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica

ENCORE of Leo Garcia’s “My Alien Abduction” – the exhibit that brought cultural Abduction & Appropriation to the forefront in L. A. + video trailer

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