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ART TODAY 07.21.17: Elise by Molly (Moollz) Kirschenbaum – “The body is only a physical house in which we live”

I had some left-over sketches of female forms from workshops past, and again decided to use this one to represent a real person. As the body is only a physical house in which we live, I found that painting a person, for me, comes down to the colors and shapes that resonate with them. So while the body is just a random one, these colors represent a childhood friend of mine whom I love with all my heart!

Elise, reclining by Molly Kirschenbaum

ART TODAY 07.25.17: Another immense Sandy Bleifer art project titled “Stone’s Stones,” using Music as a Structural Model with Carl Stone’s classical musical composition, “Gallery Environment II” (also watch the Making of Stone’s Stones video)

Since I have been a lifetime student of classical music (piano), which involves an understanding of music composition, it occurred to me that musical compositions are built upon patterns of theme and variation. Since that epiphany, I have structured several works on classical music forms.

A small portion of Stone's Stones by Sandy Bleifer

ART TODAY “Highlights” 08.04.17: Blood, Sweat, and Fears – Molly Kirschenbaum (Moollz) Delves Into All Things Woman with Her Exploration of Sexuality, Body Love, and the Fierce Female Form

Rhonda, with headress and flames: I made this piece a while ago, over the course of...a year, I think? I had taken a figure drawing workshop in which I completed the original sketch of the model pictured. She had the most interesting expressions when posing, but I wasn’t very good at faces.

Rhonda by Molly Kirschenbaum

Sounds and the City 08.25.2017 “Angeleno” by Sam Outlaw

The video accompanying Sam Outlaw's "Angeleno" zeroes in on an Americana couple embarking on life together in Los Angeles. Shots of Downtown and the Hollywood Walk of Fame cover Los Angeles' trademark postcard views and the Angeleno couple brings a lesser known element of all-American grit characteristic of true Angelenos.

Sounds and the City 09.01.2017 “The Weekend” by Sizzy Rocket

The Weekend,” written in Sizzy’s San Fernando Valley bedroom, swells with audible pangs of nostalgia. While the track is wholly raw and personal, the verses incorporate a coffee table aspect; it’s as if you’re sitting across from Sizzy as she recounts her time with this girl. The track’s visions of snowy Manhattan roof tops and faded red solo cups evoke the cross-coastal memory of love on the weekend.

Sounds and the City 09.15.2017 “My Little Alien” by Kate Nash

An Angeleno by way of London, Kate Nash's visuals in My Little Alien evoke bohemian, desert-centric Southern California nostalgia. "My Little Alien" is lyrically reminiscent of 60s girl group love songs dedicated to their heartthrobs and Nash's canine companion is the object of her Supremes-reminiscent infatuation.

Kate Nash

ART TODAY 09.29.17: Moon Fruit by Molly Kirschenbaum aka Moollz with podcast interview by Natalie Durkin

This was the cover art for my first EP! I put this one in here because I have always felt a very strong connection to the moon, and I think it represents a very strong energy for a lot of my friends, as well. I also have always loved children’s book illustrations, which inspired this cover. Making this was definitely one of those “what if” pieces for me, where I just kind of let my imagination do its thing. What if you peeled open the moon and there was a 14.6 million square mile kiwi inside?

Moon Fruit by Moollz

Fake Furs Does the TribeLA Musicians Acrostic Interview

 Meet Eagle Rock's "Dirty Velvet" Rockers. T Natalie Durkin (TribeLA Magazine): Give your band a Tagline. Sonny Wong (Fake Furs): Two boys making noise. László Bolender (Fake Furs): Reviving ghosts and setting them on fire since 1989. R ND: What got you started in...

Red Wine - Sounds and the City

Sounds and the City 01.04.2018 Feature: Katie Cunningham

Get to know Suburban Chanteuse Katie Cunningham as we trek around her native La Canada in her gold Jeep. Born on the east coast, Cunningham, an “r&b pop fusion” artist, spent part of her formative years in Colorado before moving farther west to La Canada...

Sounds and the City