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“I could see all of LA / and it was better dark anyway”

Like last week’s artist, Jenny Lewis, Moollz is a fellow Valley-native, hailing from Burbank.

“Bell Peppers,” Moollz says, is “very much a first relationship very high school song!” Dating in Los Angeles assumes a myriad of forms, but with our varied and vast terrain, romantic beach and hike dates are staples. “It was this little date night picnic thing we did and we sat at a lookout where we could see the skyline which is…just a very very LA thing I think! [It’s] not really a thing you can do as well in NY,” Moollz explains.

She also sings of the allure and romantic aura of our coastline, even in the wintertime: “take me to the beach in winter / to tidal pools, all bundled up.” Give “Bell Peppers” a listen and get swept up in Moollz’s romantic (and fully realistic) tableau of a budding relationship in the City of Angels.

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Sounds and the City: “Bell Peppers” by Moollz

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The Intergalactic and Intuitive Moollz

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