This week 08.27.17, Joe Rocco was the most Interesting Man in LA as TribeLA Magazine’s Artist of the Week 

  • He is skilled at his craft and gets energized when he receives a new assignment from an art director.
  • He likes reading in bed and enjoys cooking Italian and Greek foods.
  • He is developing a new project, a testimonial to his dad called Badda Bing! Badda Boom, a children’s book about growing up Italian American in New York.
  • His style is a cross between Rankin-Bass, the Muppet Show and Eastern European Children’s animation.
  • He loves old Hollywood and the many gems that exist throughout the city.
  • He is a children’s book illustrator for major publishers.
  • He keeps things around that inspire him.
  • His partner Max has a special place in his heart.

Joe Rocco is an award-winning American illustrator and designer with over 27 years experience in editorial publishing and animation. Joe’s work has been centered on Entertainment and Children’s publications and for 7 years he art-directed a popular children’s website that included game, print and web design. He also has several children’s books published through Harper Collins, Scholastic and National Geographic Kids Publishing.

Joe’s style is whimsical and has been seen in such magazines as Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, Time, Forbes, The Village Voice, Fantagraphics Press, Disney and countless others. For 10 years he illustrated the nationally syndicated column, “Joe Bob’s America” for The New York Times Syndicate and as a cartoonist he created and distributed 2 comic strips throughout the US and Canada.

Currently, he is working on the web comic “Fluffer and Nutter” and occasionally on a single panel comic titled “Enquiring Minds”. “I moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn more than a decade ago to pitch animated projects and be close to the Entertainment community to work in that world more.”

Here are a few links to get in touch with Joe:

Joe’s blog:
Help Fluffer and Nutter:
Want cool stuff:
Main website:
Radio Interview:
Read more of his comics:

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