Bradford an American portrait painter that often paints his fellow artists, as well as portrayals of ordinary objects of the past that he imbues with an iconic art status beyond their cultural history.  Bradford is very passionate about the California art scene, curating art shows and documenting fellow artists on film.


Painting for Jennifer is a mysterious process. She loves the paint itself. The application of the loaded brush has a sensuousness that has developed into her personal language, but she still feels like a bystander to this internal world that seems to drive itself thru her unconscious mind.


Shepard Fairey, is an American muralist and graphic artist who first gained attention for creating a sticker with a portrait of the towering professional wrestler André the Giant and the word Obey. Fairey is perhaps best known for his iconic2008 “Hope” poster depicting then U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama. His work combined street-art activism with entrepreneurial spirit.

ASK DEREK: CDBaby founder Derek Sivers reviews & summarizes the best career books for musicians, authors, and artists

Editor's note: Derek Sivers is an awesome book reviewer. Here are some of our favorite books summarized by him that will help you achieve your goals for 2018. Derek has been a musician, producer, circus performer, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and book publisher, but his biggest fascination is the usable psychology of self-improvement for business, philosophy, and culture.

Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

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