photo via Melanie's Facebook Melanie Taylor's history as a performer spans stages, screens, and music venues. Her edgy, push-the-envelope style of pop is evocative of 90s alt rock pioneers and modern cutting-edge powerhouses. T   Natalie Durkin (TribeLA...


Sounds and the City 01.04.2018 Feature: Katie Cunningham

Get to know Suburban Chanteuse Katie Cunningham as we trek around her native La Canada in her gold Jeep. Born on the east coast, Cunningham, an “r&b pop fusion” artist, spent part of her formative years in Colorado before moving farther west to La Canada...

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Sounds and the City

Fake Furs Does the TribeLA Musicians Acrostic Interview

 Meet Eagle Rock's "Dirty Velvet" Rockers. T Natalie Durkin (TribeLA Magazine): Give your band a Tagline. Sonny Wong (Fake Furs): Two boys making noise. László Bolender (Fake Furs): Reviving ghosts and setting them on fire since 1989. R ND: What got you started in...

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Red Wine - Sounds and the City

ART TODAY 09.29.17: Moon Fruit by Molly Kirschenbaum aka Moollz with podcast interview by Natalie Durkin

This was the cover art for my first EP! I put this one in here because I have always felt a very strong connection to the moon, and I think it represents a very strong energy for a lot of my friends, as well. I also have always loved children’s book illustrations, which inspired this cover. Making this was definitely one of those “what if” pieces for me, where I just kind of let my imagination do its thing. What if you peeled open the moon and there was a 14.6 million square mile kiwi inside?
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Moon Fruit by Moollz

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photo by Randy Shropshire Alex Powers is a lesbian who "doesn't look like a lesbian". Hailing from Baltimore, MD, she now resides in Los Angeles and has found her spotlight on comedy stages around the city, most notably The Laugh Factory and The Ice House. The...

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